Deepening Your Relationship

Is Being In Love All That It's Cracked Up To Be

People often think about love and the past relationships they've had. Maybe you're currently in a relationship, and you're wondering if things are going to last? Let me tell you something. Being 'in love' is not the same thing as sustaining a relationship and loving each other for life. Staying 'in love' is a choice, a choice to continue to love someone no matter what and that's just it, the bottom line.

Man In Love

Every couple finds out what it means to transition from 'being in love' to 'staying in love.' And, if you think that you're going to use the same principles, then you've got a few things to figure out. Being in love is noticing compatibility and wanting to come together with a person who matches up with you. But the problem is that everyone in a relationship ends up realising that it's not just about being 'in love’.

You have to love someone unconditionally and that is what a true, lasting loving relationship is made of. This means that you must choose to love someone no matter what. If you think that you're just going to be 'in love' with someone throughout your life, then you are approaching everything from a selfish level without even realising what you're doing.

Is it worth it to be in love? Yes, it i, but unfortunately, so many relationships go sour these days. The reason for this is that people are increasingly expecting everything to go the way it does when people first enter a relationship. That is not how things work, and people often end up finding themselves having been loved, yet looking for more.

What is your understanding of love? Being 'in love' is certainly different than lasting love. You have to realise that loving someone unconditionally doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be returned in the same way.

There are going to be times when it's hard to love even the person that you love the most. People disappoint and that is the bottom line. But the point is that you love them no matter what. You love the people you love unconditionally and you don't base your love on what they give or say back to you. It's not the easy road, but it's definitely worth loving people.